The EverFresh System

Display your fresh produce under a cloud of chilled purified water, keeping food cool, fresh and irresistable to customers.

The EverFresh System works by pumping a chilled mist, created from purified water, over the display bed. The mist is created using a process called 'ultrasonic humidification'. The conversion from water to mist takes place underneath the display bed and the end-result is a cost-effective, eye catching display. This creates a showcase for your produce and encourages customers to buy more, more often!


Our new EverFresh System has been the driving force behind a huge increase in Fresh-Produce sales for us. Since its introduction, we have seen almost an 80% increase in sales, food lasts longer and we have almost no wastage. Highly recommended!
Tom McAvoy, Owner, Milestone - NISA, Rathfriland.



The EverFresh System is Cost Effective

You eliminate the cost of running a refrigerated unit and in turn you no longer require additional heating systems to counteract the chill on the shop floor.

Increase the Shelf Life of your Produce

The system reduces temperatures so your produce remains fresher for longer, and retains moisture content.

Increase Sales

The eye catching design creates a focal point of mouth watering produce which increases sales.

Reduce Waste

A longer shelf life and increased sales results in less waste.

How does it work?

Step 1: Reverse Osmosis.

The reverse osmosis system helps to purify the water which is used in the process. This ensures that the mist is free from all bacteria which helps your produces last longer and increases the lifetime of the system.

Step 2: Mist Generation

Water is passed through from the RO Unit to the stainless buffer tank. The purified water is atomised by ultrasonic pads which vibrate silently at a very high frequency.

Step 3: Mist Dispersal

The mist is then dispersed evenly across the produce via a stainless steel dairy tube pipe. A simple control panel allows you to change the volume and strength of the mist.

Our EverFresh Misting System is effectively our shop showcase and greets customers as they enter the shop. It has helped to create a focal point for our healthy eating section, to drive sales forward and to reduce our waste to virtually nil.
Gary Thornton, Company Manager, Casey's Supermarket Group, Crossmaglen.

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